Bohdan Vitvitsky: Why the level of the rule of law in Ukraine still is a challenge

  • 18.07.2021

How do we understand what the rule of law is, what interesting examples of the rule of law can be found in the American legal tradition and why the level of the rule of law in Ukraine still is a challenge – these are the things a well-known American lawyer Bohdan Vitvitsky considered in his speech in Lviv. The Dnistrianskyi Centre has published the text of the speech in a bilingual brochure "Верховенство права, засаднича справедливість, історія та роль правників" (“Rule of Law, Principal Justice, History and Role of Lawyers”).

Bohdan Vitvitsky is a well-known American lawyer of Ukrainian origin. He has worked for more than 20 years as the federal prosecutor in the New Jersey circuit. Most of his career was dedicated to the investigation and criminal prosecution of complex financial crimes. He has never lost a single case considered by the jury.

In his speech in Lviv in 2015 the author systemically analyzed the core components of the rule of law, of which, in his opinion, principal justice is the most important one. According to him, it also lies in the fact that law enforcement must be free of personal biases, feelings or passions, or political influences.

Unfortunately, Ukraine still is at the stage when subjective judgments concerning expediency of decisions prevail over the principle of the rule of law. And, unfortunately, the situation has not changed substantially over the six years that have elapsed after that lecture in Lviv.

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The bilingual brochure "Верховенство права, засаднича справедливість, історія та роль правників" (“Rule of Law, Principal Justice, History and Role of Lawyers”) is the first edition in the series of brochures dedicated to relevant social topics #QuodVox.